Data Science

My working environment (2): Everything related to writing

This is the second post in the series about my working environment. It will cover everything that is related to writing something: reports, papers, notes, code.

My working environment (1): File Manager Dolphin

I use KDE as my Desktop environment (DE). For those who are unfamiliar what a desktop environment is: Every OS has at least one. Its the application that is responsible for the look of the OS, the customization options and the login screen. However, on Windows and macOS you do not have a choice to choose or change the DE, you simply have to use what Windows or Apple provide you with.

Why you should use Linux for Data Science and R

The year just started and I would like to start a small series of blog posts that describe my work environment: Which libraries/applications do I use to get my PhD work done and why I use exactly these. I will start by writing down my thoughts on the ‘Windows vs. Unix’ debate. I know this is a hot topic and will probably outlive humanity :wink:. However, I often have to deal with it because all people in my working environment run Windows and I always try to convince them why they could by more productive in our field of work if they would use Linux, especially if they run into troubles and ask me for help (parallelization, server access, automation, etc.). This post only aims to compare both worlds in the field of data science, science and in more detail the usage of R.