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Reproducibility is important. More important than ever. However, making a project reproducible is not as trivial as it sounds.

Introduction The problem The mlr use case The solution Code Introduction Continuous integration checking for R packages is usually … is a great tool for various tasks. I use it as a personal wiki but also for work-related notes. Unfortunately there is no …

Introduction The advantages of i3wm The disadvantages of i3wm My I3wm setup Introduction After switching from Windows/macOS to Linux …

This guide reflects my view on how to setup a working Arch Linux system tailored towards data science, R and spatial analysis. If you …


University of Munich

I teach within the Münchner R Kurse hosted by the Computational Stats group of LMU Munich.

University of Jena

I worked as a teaching assistant in the following courses at University of Jena:

  • Geo 404: Applied Geoinformatics (WS 1718, M.Sc.)
  • Geo 311: Geoinformatics III (WS 1617, B.Sc.)